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Tasting notes: Mixed Berry - Blood Orange - Sweet

Size: 6 oz.

We recently spent several days with Rodrigo Sanchez and his family, touring his farms and tasting his amazing coffee. High in the mountains of Huila, Rodrigo and his talented team have four farms where they are pushing quality to its maximum. Rodrigo has filled his farm’s hillsides with exotic varieties and is doing groundbreaking experiments with processing methods. Of the over 100 coffees we tasted at his farm, this was our absolute favorite. Standing in the rain on Finca Monteblanco, we were told the story of how he discovered the rare Pink Bourbon variety on a neighbors farm. This coffee was honey processed to highlight the coffees natural sweetness. An additional fermentation step increased the acidity and complexity of the coffee. Body, sweetness, acidity, finish - this delicious coffee
has it all.